Review: Parrot Bebop 2


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Personal drones are nearly ubiquitous now, and the Parrot AR was among the first to resonate with consumers. The quadcopter made its debut at CES in 2010, and made flying dead-simple. Anyone could fly it easily, no experience required, using a smartphone app. People loved it, and they loved version 2.0 when it arrived two years later. But defining the market for easy-to-fly quadcopters did not bring Parrot great fortune or fame. The French company has long since relinquished the crown to companies like DJI, Yuneec, and 3DR, all of which make more powerful and versatile flying machines. Still, the company continues turning out sleek consumer drones that, while flawed, are fun to fly.

Parrot Bebop 2



A fun drone you can fly using just your phone. Small form factor and lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Software controller cuts down on bulk. Flight times have been improved over its predecessor, a welcome development.


Software controller is difficult to use. Wi-Fi drops consistently. Storage maxes out at a paltry 8GB. The $400 SkyController, while nice, ruins the light-and-simple thing.